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  • We Love You

    and your business

    We love helping
    We love seeing you suceed
    We love being here when you need us
    We love making you look good
  • Your Unique

    so are your designs

    We design for you!
    Logo's that meet the needs of you, your business and your clients

Every business needs good design to achieve success!

Get in touch to find out more, on how 'Purple Chicken Design' can help you and your business become the success everyone can enjoy.

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What We Can Do To Help Your Businesses

Wordpress Ecommerce Set-Up & hosting

Start your own shop online; we will get your ecommerce store online for the world to see, using Wordpress to make it easy for you to be in control without unnecessary costs in the future. Together with our knowledge and the want to help your business succeed online we also have the option to host your site, letting you know it's in safe hands.

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Business Stationary Design & Print

Just like your logo your business cards, letterheads and even compliment slips and/or envelopes reflect your business, by focusing on your business needs and character we design stationary fit for you and your customers. We also arrange printing perfect for your designs and fit for your budget.

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Poster Design & Print

A large format way to advertise your business, products or services you have to have great design and print. Whether you're after posters for an event or to advertise a new product range we can provide you with an informative yet eye-catching poster directed directly at your target market.

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Wordpress Site/Blog set-up & Hosting

Have you ever wanted your own blog, but not sure how to start? Ever wanted full control of your website without having to keep paying someone else to add or edit? We can set you up with a Wordpress website/blog (or both) and help you to take back control of your business online.

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Flyer Design & Print

When it comes to flyers you need to catch, and keep people's attention in a limited space, we design specifically for your businesses interaction with its customers, future and past in mind; with great design we will also obtain great print options giving you the very best.

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Leaflet Design & Print

Leaflets can be a fantastic source of information for your customers, together with great design and print they can complement your business and your products/services; helping to keep your customers informed.

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Banner Design

Whether you're holding an event or want to advertise your businesses products or services, a banner will grab the attention of all those nearby with great design and print quality.

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Logo Design

Your logo reflects your business, We work hard to design logo's that not only look great but aim to attract new custom and inform people about your business.

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How We Work

Meet up for ideas

First step is to chat about your needs and wants, whether that's face-to-face or over the phone, then we go away for some research and come back to you with any questions we might have.

Sketch 1st designs

Secondly we will always sketch up a lot of different ideas, then provide you with a selection of our best in a presentable draft; these will be available for critique then it's back to the drawing board to get down to our final concepts.

Get Your Feedback

Once you have seen your final concepts, we get ready for your feedback to put into the final copies; we work with you to give you exactly what your after with advice about how people outside your business see things.

It's All Yours

As soon as your happy, we're happy meaning we can the put together your design/s into the formats you need, and those you might need in the future; then it's all yours, we always give the best and will always provide full support with the final design formats.

Three Reasons To Choose Us

Our focus is you and your business, our whole design process is in place to make sure you get what you need. We will always meet face-to-face (unless it's not good for you) and talk through every step of the way.

Our prices are just amazing, we don't go out to be the cheapest but we do put every effort into making our pricing superb for the quality we provide, we only do great design. (we're also slight perfectionists - in a good way)

We love it; we love designing and most of all we love being a part of your business and helping to make it more successful, profitable and better looking.

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